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"I have spent my entire music career searching for this EQ.

Seriously, I have used a bunch of waves eqs, SSL duende EQs Ableton, logic and reason EQs. They all seemed too abstract or had issues like limited frequency ranges or maximum 32db dynamic ranges, or even not having a built in analyser. My entire (albeit budding) 8 year production experience has been spent wishing I had this tool. Thank you. Thank you! It is so accurate, effective, immediately informative and oh so pretty. I feel like I can get in there and surgically alter any sound to perfection.

Thank you for this EQ. Thank you for making it so cheap. I never wanted analog flavour, I just wanted a great frequency shaper. Thank you for doing it in a way that shows immediate results and is just awesome. Pat yourselves on the back. Please.

Thank you again,"

Brendan Morris - bandcamp.com/hungee

"Most will agree that equalization is the most powerful sound modifier of the lot. My production and engineering responsibilities have me forever searching out and testing all sorts of gear, equalizers included.

To me, SplineEQ really stands apart from the crowd in many ways, so much so that I had to purchase. Linear phase, ridiculously easy to learn and very intuitive to understand and use, world-class customer support.

If I simply told you that EQ is another word for "tone control", you could be using SplineEQ like a pro in mere minutes after trying it!

Very powerful technology that's easy to get your head and ears around."

Bill Fetter aka Carboncat - Artist/performer/composer/producer/engineer

"I really like the way SplineEQ processes the sound and I think it's very useful when you want high frequency precision."

Karl Sj÷quist - Audio Designer at Ubisoft Massive Entertainment

"I love the precision I am able to get out of it. It clearly shows where I need look to find the specific frequencies that I want to bring forth in my mixes."

Syrou - www.soundcloud.com/syrou