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You can download the free version of SplineEQ 1.2 using the link below:

Download SplineEQ (free) for Windows/Mac, VST & AU

The free version only has up to 4 bands as opposed to up to 60 bands. Also the free version cannot open or save presets.

If you already own the full version of SplineEQ you need to download it using the link you received by e-mail. If you lost the link please submit your e-mail address below to receive the link again.

Your e-mail address:

What to do on macOS 10.15+ after downloading SplineEQ

Apple, always looking for innovative ways to make our lives harder.

You will see the dialog above, but don't worry about it, you can make it go away by following the steps below:

After that please if it doesn't show up in your DAW please make sure that the DAW didn't add the plugin to a list of blocked plugins.

Another approach is to "sign" it yourself on your machine. To do so make sure you have Apple's Xcode installed, then in Terminal do something like cd /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/SplineEQ.component/Contents/MacOS and then codesign -s - SplineEQ.


You can download a set of presets (which include the comb filter) using the link below:

Download 41 SplineEQ presets


You can download SplineEQ's user guide using the link below:

Download the SplineEQ User Guide


For any questions, suggestions, requests, send an e-mail to