22 July 2009

Graphical sound denoising challenge results

And the winner is Iain Fergusson with the following entry made with GIMP:

Extract of the original song:

Iain's result:

Iain obtained this excellent result and won a free copy of Photosounder worth €99 by following these steps :

  • Find selection of sound which is just noise, copy and paste to new layer

  • Pixelate it with pixel height 1, and width as wide as the layer is

  • Resize noise selection layer to fit entire image

  • Set noise selection layer to 'subtract' - adjust curves if you need more subtraction

  • 'Copy visible'

  • Paste this into a mask on the original image

  • Create black layer below the original

  • Adjust curves on original layer mask to push light parts to white, and carefully, push the very darkest parts to black

  • Save image

You can download the full denoised song here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it possible to talk to you on msn or skype???

my msn is krm__d at hotmail dot com
so that makes 2 underscores :p

im doing a similar project and i want to make sure im not doing the same as you are doing :p

August 12, 2009 3:00 PM  

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